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Company history

Over 100 years of experience with minerals

The roots of Protina can be traced back to 1900, when chemist Dr Volkmar Klopfer founded the Dr Klopfer Nahrungsmittelwerk, a food factory in Dresden. The various patented processes that were based on the company’s own research succeeded in separating the protein and starch of various kinds of cereals. Rye, wheat and oats were used for the commercial production of the first protein-enriched rolled oats (raw flakes) and the first wholemeal loaves of bread (Klopfer Bread). Protein-enriched pasta was developed in the same way (“Dr Klopfer’s pasta – as nutritious as meat”), as was the first pure vegetable protein concentrate made from wheat gluten (Glidine®). Subsequently, Dr Klopfer’s company developed well-known brand name products from protein, sulphur, minerals and micronutrients and vitamins, which were sold in pharmacies and health food shops in Germany. The best-known brands at that time were Magnesium Diasporal® (from 1922) and Basica® (from 1929).Dr. Klopfer Nudeln
The Klopfer product range also formed the basis of the present collaboration between Dr Klopfer and the Munich-based Protina Pharmazeutische GmbH, founded by a Klopfer heir in 1942.


"Dr Klopfer's pasta - as nutritious as meat"


Protina Pharmazeutische GmbH today

The Klopfer-Nährmittel-Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH are subsidiary companies belonging to the Protina Group. Protina Pharmazeutische GmbH is a medium-sized family-run company with 140 employees, having its headquarters and production site in Ismaning, near Munich. It specialises in product development and the production and the sales of mineral preparations as medicine and food supplements. Basica® and Magnesium Diasporal® are among the leading OTC brands sold at German pharmacies. Protina products developed and produced in Ismaning are currently exported to more than 20 countries.


The history of our company, 1900-2000

Our first 100 years: We developed from the Klopfer-Nährmittelwerk, a cereal products factory rich in tradition, into Protina Pharmazeutische GmbH. Read more here:

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