Monika Tiedemann, Managing Director.

Monika Tiedemann, who is a state-registered food chemist, has been the managing director at Protina Pharmazeutische GmbH since 1.9.2013. She took over from Dr. Thomas Nestler who had successfully lead the business for 30 years.

Ms Tiedemann is an enthusiastic team worker and envisages that the successful development of Protina will result from close partnerships and cooperation at all levels within the company.

Product Development

Stefan Flamm, Product Development Manager

As Manager of Product Development, Stefan Flamm is responsible for new pharmaceutical forms with improved or innovative ingredients, starting from their taste, dosage and physiological tolerance right up to their manufacture on the production line.


Dr Hans Hilmer, Production Manager

Dr Hans Hilmer is the person at Protina responsible for the production and packaging of all in-house manufactured products. All Protina and Klopfer products are manufactured under his direction – also for international markets.

Quality Assurance and Approval

Dr Sabine Lomen, Quality Assurance/Approval Manager

Dr Sabine Lomen is our authority with regard to the approval and registration of our products domestically and in our export markets. Her scope of responsibility includes the exact analysis of all manufactured products and ongoing quality assurance of each and every procedural step in the production process – from procurement of raw materials to the finished product.


Dr Eberhard Müller-Ackermann, Logistics Manager

The logistics team, under the management of Dr Eberhard Müller-Ackermann, handles all matters concerning the supply chain, from the receipt of goods, to inventory storage and finally to domestic shipping and the processing of product exportation.

Marketing and Sales

Oliver Rieger, Marketing and Sales Manager

The Marketing and Sales team, led by Oliver Rieger, is responsible for the planning and undertaking of all actions that support sales. Information and an accompanying product service are made available to circles of experts, end users and patients and for the press.

Public Relations

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Philipp Nestler, Head of International Business

Philipp Nestler is responsible at Protina for international sales partners and further development of our export business.


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Medicine and Science

Dr Tanja Werner, Manager, Med /Sci

Dr Tanja Werner is responsible for the medical/scientific information service, both for customers and patients and for circles of experts.


Prof. Dr. Michael Weisensee, Business Manager

Prof. Dr. Michael Weisensee is the business manager at Protina and the contact person for bookkeeping, finance, and control and purchasing.

Human Resources

Jutta Handl Palmero, Manager

Jutta Handl Palmero is responsible for all matters concerning Human Resources. If you are interested in a position at our company you can look for job vacancies under “Career”:

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