A medicine sold only in pharmacies for treating and preventing Acetolytmetabolic acidosis

Many biological reactions in organisms can only be guaranteed when the acid/ basic relationship within the bodily fluids remains within the physiological norm. Dysfunction of the acid/ basic balance always develops as a complication of an underlying illness. Metabolic acidosis and hence metabolic hyperacidity in the blood or in the extracellular spaces is basically caused by a preponderance of acidic substances.

Acetolyt® facilitates both the normalisation and the prevention of metabolic acidosis. Bicarbonate is made available through the oxidative degeneration of citrate. Acetolyt® is generally well tolerated, because it has the advantage of being low in sodium (1 g Acetolyt = 3.4 mmol Na), thereby reducing the sodium intake. Acetolyt® is particularly suitable for the long-term treatment of metabolic acidosis in patients with chronic diseases.

Active ingredient

calcium sodium hydrogen citrate


1 measuring spoon with 2.5 g granules contains: 2.5 g calcium sodium hydrogen citrate. 1 measuring spoon contains approximately 8.5 mmol calcium, 8.5 mmol sodium, 10 mmol citrate. Other ingredients: none

Pharmaceutical form

Oral suspension made from granules


For the treatment of hyperacidity of the blood caused by metabolism (metabolic acidosis) and for maintenance therapy to ward off a recurrence of metabolic acidosis.

Note: Patients with a blood pH below 7.2 must be admitted to intensive care so that measures can be taken to correct the acidosis.

For information concerning risks and side effects, please refer to the package leaflet and consult your doctor or pharmacist.


The dosage always depends on the severity of the metabolic acidosis. We recommend the following average doses:
At the start of therapy:
Until normalisation (usually 3-5 days), 10-15 g Acetolyt = 2 to 3 times 2 measuring spoons of granules daily
Maintenance therapy:
5 g Acetolyt = 2 times 1 measuring spoon of granules. In milder cases, even lower doses suffice: 2.5 g Acetolyt = 1 times 1 measuring spoon of granules. Please note the following for a low sodium diet: 1 measuring spoon contains 8.5 mmol of sodium.

The granules and a glass of cold or warm water result in a milky-looking suspension, which should be drunk after meals, preferably in sips.


Contains a sodium compound.

Packaging sizes

300 g granules (N2) (PZN 6319599)

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