Food supplements for the active reduction of acid

Basica® products are high-quality base supplements for an even acid-base balance. As a dietary supplement, Basica® products can be taken on a daily basis, independently of meals.

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All Basica® products contain organically bound mineral compounds and valuable micronutrients.

  • Zinc is involved in balanced acid-base management and is important for mental agility
  • Magnesium helps to reduce tiredness and exhaustion.
  • Calcium and magnesium support energy metabolism

Basica® products are produced in Germany and are examined according to the strictest standards. You therefore can always rely on the proven quality of our products.

Basica® products are available in all pharmacies: Dietary supplement as a granulate for mixing with food, as tablets for swallowing, as soluble drinking powder and as microperls for direct intake. You can obtain detailed product information here.

Further information about Basica®