Fat-free care during breast-feeding to support the function of the skin in the breasts and nipples. Garmastan® cares for and protects the skin on the nipples and areolas, keeping them elastic and supple and preventing small cracks in the skin. Garmastan ® is odourless and free from fat, colouring, perfume oils and lanolin alcohols. The salve melts at body temperature, is easy to spread on sensitive skin and is easy to wash off.


100 g salve contains:
guajazulen 0.05 g

Pharmaceutical form



PEG-8, PEG-75, water, sorbitol, sodium metabisulphite, guaiazulene, cetylpyridinium chloride

Recommendation for use

Apply a thin layer of Garmastan salve on the nipples and areolas after breast-feeding.

Packaging sizes and sources of supply

20 g salve (PZN 8859408)

Only available in pharmacies.

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