Fruit-juice gum-sweets "Ihre Apotheke Exklusiv"


Fruit. Juice. Great immunity!

  • Natural fruity taste with up to 50% fruit juice.
  • With natural vitamin C from acerola cherries.

Fruit-juice gum-sweets "Ihre Apotheke Exklusiv" are really special. They taste deliciously fruity and melt smoothly in your mouth. In addition to their high content of fruit juice (up to 50%), these speciality fruit-juice gum-sweets contain a natural fresh fruit extract from the acerola cherry. These special fruit-juice gum-sweets found exclusively at your pharmacy not only have great taste, but are also healthy.

Taste the difference!

The fruit-juice gum-sweets "Ihre Apotheke Exklusiv" can only be found exclusively in pharmacies.

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